HA model shown

Flat-bed Turning Center

Together with the latest technology and high quality components, the YAMA SEIKI Flat-bed CNC Turning Center, HA series, utilizes high rigidity four box way bed with 3-step gear spindle and servo indexing turret, to provide heavy-duty cutting capability for super large size workpiece applications. It is suitable for oil and energy industry, aerospace and shipbuilding industry, and metallurgy industry. The optional four-way toolpost, boring tooling, and high rigidity steady rest equipments provide a more efficient turning performance for large workpiece applications. Furthermore, the live tooling center and C-axis is also available which allows the machine to perform more complicated tasks such as turning, milling, and drilling to fulfill your needs for today and tomorrow.

One-piece 4 box way and flat bed casting provides a large platform with a heavy-duty structure, suitable for super large size workpiece applications.
3-step gear spindle provides great torque output under low speed, to fulfill heavy cutting needs.
Key components such as the X-axis saddle, turret and tailstock are designed with optimized configuration, to greatly increase structural rigidity and ensure both heavy-duty cutting and precision turning capabilities.
Z-axis twin chip conveyor system with separated large coolant tank design provides high efficient chip disposal and stable turning accuracy.