Heavy-duty Construction

The flat-bed is designed with a low center of gravity, which allows the workpiece weight and turning pressure to be evenly distributed throughout the flat-bed. This can greatly increase machine's overall structure and heavy-duty cutting capability.
Built to endure years and years of rigorous high production turning, the heavily ribbed, one-piece thermally balanced bed and casting components are of FC35-Meehanite casting ( industry standard is FC25~30 ). FC35 grade cast iron is capable of withstanding much greater stress without deforming and provides maximum vibration damping, which result in a machine that will outlast and outperform the competition.
By using Finite Element Methods ( FEM ), optimal reinforce ribbings are directly cast into the one-piece bed structure. Mechanical rigidity has been increased by more than compared to conventional designs.
Contact surfaces of all slides, headstock, turret, tailstock, and ball screw bearing housings with the machine bed are hand scraped to provide maximum assembly precision, structural rigidity, and load distribution.
Ball screw
C3 class hardened and precision ground ball screws ensure the highest accuracy and durability possible. Plus, pretension on all axes minimizes thermal distortion.
The Z-axis ball screw of the HA-L4 series and all other super-long models are equipped with supportive mechanism. This can reduce weight deformation of the super long ball screw and ensure stability for the axial feed and turning accuracy.

The one-piece casting components of the box way, bed, and saddle are designed with large span to reach maximum strength and accuracy.
The X-axis saddle and tailstock travel are designed separately, which allows the tailstock to support the workpiece without crossing the saddle. This prevents the tailstock from overhanging which can influence the rigidity.
The tailstock is equipped with Ø 200 mm ( Ø 7.87" ) rotary tailstock spindle, combining the MT#6 dead center quill and sufficient thrust power, to provide stable and accurate support for the workpiece.
The tailstock spindle control panel is directly integrated in the tailstock base, which allows the operator to easily control the tailstock positioning.
X-axis carriage locks onto the tailstock base manually and moves it to the desired position with precision accuracy.
The tailstock is designed with an auxiliary retention which gives a firm support to prevent the tailstock from sliding backwards when working on heavy workpieces.

Chip Conveyer
High performance twin chip conveying system allows the chip to be quickly disposed on both sides of the Z-axis travel through the chip conveyor or screw type chip conveyor. This ensures the working area to maintain its temperature while increasing turning stability and accuracy.
700 L ( L5 series ) super large coolant tank allows optimal air circulation for faster heat dispersion and coolant temperature, which will help extend coolant life.

The control panel is integrated onto the splash guard. The operator can easily move it to the desired position without safety problems.
Control manual
The splash guard and saddle can be synchronized to move together manually during the working progress, which ensures safety for the operator.