Heavy-duty Steady Rest

The available heavy-duty steady rest can prevent the long workpieces from deflection during high speed rotation while ensuring precise concentricity of the workpiece.
The structure of the steady rest is designed based on the actual working requirement. When the workpiece diameter is not more than Ø 600 mm ( Ø 23.62" ), the saddle and steady rest will not inter fere each other during the progress. Thus the operator does not need to stop the machine to remove the steady rest, which greatly increases working efficiency.
Steady Rest Steady Rest Steady Rest Steady Rest Steady Rest

( Hydraulic ) Ø 4.9" ~ 18.1" *1                  ( Manual ) Ø 11.8" ~ 23.6" *1                   ( Manual ) Ø 19.6" ~ 31.4"                       ( Manual ) Ø 31.4" ~ 39.3"

*1 The steady rest does not need to be removed during the working progress.

Ultimate C-axis Spindle

The Cf-axis and disk brake system available on the HA series provide the most rigid and powerful type of C-axis on the market today. In Cf-axis mode, a servo motor is engaged and drives the rotation of the spindle; engagement time is approximately 1 second.
Working with the live tooling turret, the Cf-axis and disk brake system enables the machine to perform multiple tasks, such as drilling, tapping, and milling operations, including cylindrical and polar coordinate interpolations, resembling a 4th-axis rotary table on a machining center.
With the FANUC servo motor generating an ultra high resolution of 1,000,000 pulses per spindle rotation and 1,500 Nm of spindle torque ( Con. ), machined surface finishes are much superior than Cs-axis ( driven by spindle motor ) equipped machines. Plus, dynamic accuracy is within ± 0.02° even under heavy cutting loads.
Cylindrical Interpolation Polar Coordinate Interpolation CF-axis Spindle Output