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Advanced Inverted Vertical Design On Twin Spindle And Turret
To Simplify The Traditional Feeding, Clamping And Flipping Structure
To Process The Front And Rear Side Of Workpiece With High Efficiency And Precision
Reduce The Manpower Significantly

Advance Inverted vertical design on spindle

1st spindle can instead of the robot arm function which can clamp the material directly and more efficient on feeding.

There is no complicate workpiece flipping device required on machine, workpiece also can be flipped very fast and reliable.

To simplify the manpower requirement

Complete interface of peripheral equipment, available to equip different type of automatic device according to actual demand.

To integrate with industry 4.0 easily, you can choose GOODWAY G.LINC 350 intelligent system ( Opt ).

Multi-tasking, all in one machine

To integrate two vertical turning centers and build up machining ability, no more manpower on workpiece flipping work.

GVI series is available with live tooling turret and C-axis to perform multiple tasks on a workpiece, such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping.

Compact machine design

Workpiece loading and unloading system, flipping device are MULTI-IN-ONE

Because of the optimized structure design with rear out chip conveyor, the machine floor plane is only 8.2 m2

Twin spindles and twin turrets are adopted with the same design and they can suitable for the machining requirement of disk type and short shaft type workpiece.
Standard FANUC Oi -TF controller dual system is available to program and control independently on each system. Bring more efficient on the machining.

Chuck size : 12"
Spindle nose : A2-8


Tool shank size : □ 25 mm ( 0.98" ) / Ø 50 mm ( 1.96" )
Stations : 8 T


automatically Lower turret can cutting on 1st spindle
twin_spindles_cutting Both spindles can be programmed for synchronized parts catching front_rear_cutting Dual system can be programmed for synchronized turning