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3,000 rpm high torque spindle with high power 15 kW ( 20 HP ) spindle motor which can offer max. torque output 286 N-m ( 210 ft-lb ) at 500 rpm is suitable for heavy cutting.
P4 grade super-high precision spindle bearings are directly assembled for maximum level of support and precision. Bearing configuration is designed for heavy-duty cutting with ultrasmooth performance and long term durability with a high level of accuracy.
Standard 3-Jaw chuck with hydraulic clamping force 14,200 kgf to keep spindle rigidity in any cutting condition.



Servo Turret

The super heavy-duty servo indexing turret features the latest non-lifting turret disk technology, achieving 0.2 second indexing for adjacent stations and 0.5 second for stations at the opposite end of the disk.
The JAPANESE super high precision curvic couplings accurately position the turret disk and 3,620 Kg ( 7,980 lb ) of clamping force ensures abundant turret rigidity for all cutting conditions.
The curvic couplings features auto-centering, auto-cleaning and a large size tooth ank which are superior to traditional curvic couplings and are greatly used in our products.

Dual-face Turning Holder ( Opt. )

The GOODWAY dual-face holder allows both sides of a workpiece to be machined at the same time while ensuring parallel precision of the surface and save 50% processing time. It is applicable for disk brakes or automotive related components.
The servo motor dri ven tool holder provides more flexibility to various working conditions which saving tool adjustment time and increasing production efficiency.

Dual-face Turning Holder
O.D. tool shank size □ 20 mm ( 0.78" )
Allowance diameter of work piece Ø 420 mm ( 16.53" )
Allowance height of work piece 7 ~ 100 mm ( 0.27" ~ 3.93" )
Allowance depth of work piece 100 mm ( 3.93" )



Live Tooling Turret ( Opt. )

Live tooling turret is driven by spindle motor with transmission mechanism which provides abundant 4.5 kW ( 6 HP ) output can easily complete any task of milling, drilling and tapping.
The 12-station GOODWAY live tooling turret offers 12 stations available for live tooling ( live tooling tools rotate in working position only ) and features a non-lifting turret disk.

Live tooling shank size ER32
Live tooling RPM range 40 ~ 4,000 rpm

C-axis ( Opt. )

The GVI series with option C-axis and driven tool turret provide milling and turning capacity which turning, milling, drilling and tapping can be done in one machine. It can avoid the error while moving from machine to machine and save cycle time and manpower.
High torque built-in type Cs-axis combine high precision magnetic ring design which is easy to operate and quicker to positioning compare with Cf-axis.