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GVI machine with automatic loading system, flipping device and TRV series tapping center is the best automation prodution system with optimized efficiency for brake disk on the market nowaday.
( GOODWAY can provide you the solution for the different machining requirement )

Automatic feeding → OP10 → Synchronization on twin spindle → OP20 → Automatic discharge → Workpiece flipping → Automatic feeding → OP30 → Automatic discharge

automatic feeding Automatic feeding

The 1st spindle on GVI series equips with both X & Z axes feeding ability which can provide workpiece clamping function same as the robot arm and it also can increase the elasticity for equipping with automatic ficility. Moreover, it also achieve the requirement of compact machine design.

synchronization on twin spindle Synchronization on twin spindle

Workpiece can be flipped faster and more reliable by catching the workpiece with synchronous speed on both 1st spindles and 2nd spindle. It can avoid the scrape during the flip procedure after workpiece finished work. And also make sure the optimize surface roughness for the workpeice.

automatic discharge Automatic discharge

Work piece clamped by turret, workpiece catched by tray and parts discharged are all direct drived by servo motor and whole procedure is accomplished at one go.

workpiece flipping Workpiece flipping

Workpiece clamping and flipping device are adopt with pneumatic drive design and it also include with efficient, environmental and durable.

high speed drilling and tapping High speed drilling and tapping

To do drilling and tapping with high speed by TRV series, it's not only shorten cycle cutting for OP10 but decrease the waiting time of un-cutting for OP10~30 significantly. Moreover, it can make sure the high efficiency of production.

control panel Control panel

To simplify the operation and increase work safety, the main cont rol panel provides the convenient funtion-one touch button and each module equip with the manual control panel.


In response to manufacturing mode of revolutionary Industry 4.0, GVI automatic production system can integrate with lots of advance technology such as GOODWAY Remote Monitoring"G.NET system", "FANUC 3D Area Sensor", "Articulated Type Robot Arm" and etc. It not only can achieve the target of unmanned factory but also intelligent manufacture on small-volume / multiple-type. ( All kits for intelligent production system are optional accessories. )

G.NET Remote Monitoring system

By GOODWAY Remote Monitoring system "G.NET" can integrate the equipments with communication capability such as machine equipment, warehouse system, robot arm and sensor kit in specific area. It can achieve the system monitoring, schedule planning, instruction executing and other advanced manufatcure modes in central control platform.

FANUC 3D Area Sensor

To create area detecting visual system by using 1 set of light projector and 2 set of high resolution camera. By project the straight light and 3D bin-picking technology which can identify the mess workpiece in the bin and it also can assist robot arm to evaluate and decide which part can be pick and the best positioning position.

3D area sensor
robot arm Robot Arm

High performance FANUC robot arm can magnetize the workpiece by electromagnetic force on the front side of robot arm. No matter how the workpiece be placed, robot arm can magneize it successfully.
( The speciffication of robot arm will be different according to different machining requiremet. )

Max. load : 35 kg ( 77 lb )
Radius of gyration : 1,813 mm ( 71.37" )
Repeatability : ± 0.08 mm ( ± 0.003" )
Accuracy Detection

The high precision digital eddy current sensors developed by GOODWAY can measure relative position without contact. By using RS232 interface to communicate directly with controller and show / save the data. It is more reliable and can save more manpower.

accuracy detection