Maximum Performance Turning Center

With the latest machine tools technology and powerful turning performance, YAMA SEIKI brings you the new GS-2000 / GS-3000 series maximum performance CNC turning center. Using 2 different lengths of beds and 5 different sizes of bar capacities combined with a powerful spindle, high speed servo indexing turret and high rigidity structure design, the GS-2000 / GS-3000 series becomes the best choice of machine tools for the new generation. Additionally, it can be equipped with an optional precision built-in type spindle, high torque gear type spindle, or a live tooling turret, Y-axis and sub-spindle which can accomplish mutli-tasking applications. With the perfect quality and complete tasking capabilities, the GS-2000 / GS-3000 series can easily various needs of today and tomorrow.

The modern 30° slant-bed design ensures outstanding structural rigidity and heavy duty cutting ability.
All standard turrets and live tooling turrets are self-developed and assembled by YAMA SEIKI which ensures high quality of the key components and allows the machine to provide optimal performance.
Spindle is driven by the wide-range FANUC αP series motor which can take heavier cuts in low RPM ranges.
Extra large Z-axis servo motors provide the thrust needed to efficiently drill big diameter holes.
Coolant system with roll-out coolant tank and high-pressure coolant pump.

Chuck Size Max. Turning Length*1 Bar Capacity
8" Ø 51 mm
( Ø 2.00" )
10" Ø 65 mm
( Ø 2.55" )
10" Ø 75 mm
( Ø 2.95" )
12" Ø 90 mm
( Ø 3.54" )
15" Ø 105 mm
( Ø 4.13" )

*1 Maximum turning length may vary, based on the model chosen.