High Performance Spindle System

P4 grade ( Class 7 ) super-high precision bearings are directly assembled for maximum level of support and precision. Bearing configuration is designed for super heavy-duty cutting with ultra-smooth performance and long term durability with a higher level of accuracy.
The A/C, constant output, wide-range FANUC αP series motor can generate twice the torque output of standard motors. This double bind motor is designed to reach full output at 1/2 the RPM of standard motors, providing the ability to take heavier cuts in the lower RPM ranges.
The super large headstock is heavily ribbed and of one-piece casting. The contact surfaces between the headstock and bed are greatly increased which provides greater rigidity of the headstock and efficiently dampens vibration, therefore, increasing machining accuracy.

Built-in Spindle
The optional built-in type spindle can provide 100% motor output. It can decrease vibration generated from the spindle while spinning, thus increasing the life span of the spindle and increasing machining accuracy.
The built-in spindle is covered with a cooling water jacket and equipped with an external oil cooler which efficiently reduces thermal expansion and ensures long term machining accuracy.
E | 22%
Headstock Contact Surface Increased
ZF Gear Box
The optional oil bath German made ZF 2-step gear box provides maximum torque up to 1,200 Nm ( 885 ft-lb ), which can easily meet with heavy cutting requirements.
GS-2000 Spindle Output [+]
GS-2600 / GS-2800 Spindle Output [+] GS-3300 / GS-3600 Spindle Output [+]