Ultimate C-axis Spindle

The Cf-axis and disk brake system available on the GS-2000 / GS-3000 series provides the most rigid and powerful type of C-axis on the market today.
Working with the live tooling turret, the Cf-axis and disk brake system enables the machine to perform multiple tasks, such as drilling, tapping, and milling operations, including cylindrical and polar coordinate interpolations ( resembling a 4th-axis rotary table on a machining center ).
With the FANUC servo motor generating an ultra high resolution of 120 million pulses per spindle rotation and 480 Nm ( 350 Nm ) of torque ( cont. ), machined surface finishes can reach to a higher accuracy level. Plus, dynamic accuracy is within ±0.02°.

Y-axis Machining Capability

The Y-axis combined with live tooling turret, C-axis and high torque live toolings enhances multi-tasking live tooling capabilities and improves various machining precision. High precision grooving and X-axis off-center drilling are enabled.
With an abundant amount of Y-axis travel, 100 mm = ± 50 mm ( 3.93" = ± 1.96" ), a wide variety of parts may be efficiently machined.
The Y-axis is adopted with low gravity, wide span box way design to ensure outstanding machining rigidity.
On Y-axis equipped machines, the turret is mounted on a secondary 30 degrees wedge saddle on top of the X-axis slide. Both X & Y axes have extra wide hardened and ground box ways, which are directly formed onto the saddles during the casting process. They are precision machined and widely spaced for maximum strength.
Grooving with Y-axis control produces grooves with higher accuracy.

Back-end Machining Capability

With the optional sub-spindle, the working process is done-in-one from input to output, without having to manually flip over the work piece, thus increasing productivity and machining accuracy.
The B-axis movement of the sub-spindle is adopted with roller linear guideway design, to provide high rigidity, precision and fast movement ( 30 m/min. ( 1,180 IPM ) ) performance.
The sub-spindle can also be equipped with the C-axis function ( same as the main spindle ), to allow the contour positioning accuracy reach up to 0.001°. It can also accomplish back-end milling, drilling and tapping applications when combined with a live tooling turret.
Sub-spindle Output [+]