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Heavy Duty Vertical Turning Center GV-1 series


Optional live tooling spindle and C-axis can provide turning, milling, drilling, tapping and other complex processing capacity.
This can increase production efficiency, also can avoid setting error when parts moving between machines.

Live Tooling Spindle

High power FANUC spindle motor and two-step gear box design, max. turning speed 2,400 rpm can provide high torque output in low speed to satisfy heavy cutting request.

High accuracy, high rigidity P4 class NN type dual roller bearing design, this can bear high load from axial and radial, even spindle working long time can also keep best accuracy.

90 degree Milling Head

90° Milling Head

Universal Milling Head

Universal Milling Head

Live Tooling Spindle Output
Live Tooling Spindle [+]
Ultimate C-axis Spindle

Cf–axis is driven by ultra high resolution servo motor. It is adopted with worm gear drive system for high accuracy transmission and easy backlash adjustment. The indexing accuracy is up to 0.001°.

Standard disk brake system provide quick reacting and adequate locking force to satisfy rigid request when heavy cutting.

Model Cf-axis torque output
GV-1100 2,280 Nm
GV-1200 2,740 Nm
GV-1600 3,840 Nm
GV-2000 3,840 Nm
Ultimate C-axis Spindle