Maximum Performance Turning Center

For those seeking a heavy-duty maximum performance turning center that’s packed with the latest technologies, YAMA SEIKI’s GS-4000 series is the perfect answer. These machines offer awesome turning power, 37 kW ( 30min. ) 2-speed gear-head spindles are standard on most models, to easily turn work pieces up to 24" diameter, and to accommodate various work piece lengths, 4 bed sizes offering maximum tuning lengths ranging from 750 ~ 3,000 mm are available. Live tooling, Y-axis and sub-spindle models further increase machining efficiency and accuracy, while reducing man power. Furthermore, YAMA SEIKI machines are always fully loaded with standard features that are either not available or costly options found on other machines. Features such as chip conveyor, programmable base tailstock, turning tool holders are standard plus many more.

Under the covers, you’ll find a 30 degrees slant bed with super wide box ways, and GS-4000 & GS-4300 series equipped with an enormous 2-speed head stock driven by a 37 kW ( 30min. ) FANUC motor.
Extra large Z-axis spindle motors provide the thrust needed to efficiently drill big diameter holes.
Axes rapids are 24 m/min. on X and Z, which are 50 ~100 % faster than the competitor.*¹
Tailstock shown
GS-4000 series machines feature a standard programmable base and quill tailstock.
Manual mode quill-jog function allows the quill to be inched forward, which makes it easier to insert the center into the center hole.
Movement of the base and quill in auto mode are controlled by M-codes and thrust pressure is manually adjustable.
Z-axis carriage automatically locks onto the tailstock base and moves it to the desired position with precision accuracy.