Advanced Turret Technology

Ø 320 mm diameter super high precision CURVIC couplings accurately position the turret disk and 6,400kg of clamping force ensure abundant turret rigidity for all cutting conditions.
The 12-station heavy-duty servo indexing turret achieves 0.3 second indexing times for adjacent stations. Index movements are continues, without pauses, and is capable of turning Ø 268 mm ( Ø 10.5" ) diameter work pieces without interference when using boring tools. The optional 10-station turret even clears up to Ø 331 mm ( Ø 13" ) diameter.
The curvic couplings provide a large contact area and are designed with an auto–clean feature not seen on traditional couplings.

Live Tooling Turret

Live tooling and C-axis control capabilities on the GS-4000 series allows the machine to perform multiple tasks on a work piece, such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping. It eliminates manpower and cycle time, while reducing accuracy lost, which will occur if the part is moved from machine to machine.
The GS-4000 series live tooling turret is driven by a big power 7.5 kW ( 30 min. ) spindle motor and combined with gear box, it provides ultra high power to meet any difficult task in milling, drilling and tapping application.
The 12-station YAMA SEIKI live tooling turret offers 12 stations available for live tooling, live tools rotate in working position only to reduce power loss and heat.
The Cs-axis is adopted with a high-resolution toroid along with a full-closed loop design, to provide excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability.