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With the latest technology and high quality components of the industry, YAMA SEIKI GTW series multi-axis turning centers combined with multi-axis, high efficiency and high performance especially developed for medical & automobile industry. It can easily complete the complex front and back side machining of work-piece with high efficiency and high precision machining performance. It's perfectly once again annotating a new standard of multi-axis turning center.

Brand new design of X-axis on sub-spindle provides high efficiency of working space.The gang tooling can continue working after catch the work-piece from sub-spindle.It is no need to return to home position which increases the efficiency of machining.
Combined with turret and gang tooling systems is more convenient for programming, and makes series high efficiency and economic.
Standard twin Y-axis function with live tooling turret, gang tooling system and C-axis can improve the ability for complex machining and accuracy.
With separated coolant tank and rear discharge of chips conveyor design, it is easy to maintain and provide high efficiency for cooling.
Gang tooling system Sub-spindle X2 & Z2 axes


By using Finite Element Analysis ( FEA ), the optimal reinforced ribs are directly cast into the integrated base. Mechanical rigidity has been increased sharply compared to conventional design. The GTW series is capable of performing super-duty turning and maintain long-term super high-precision accuracy.
The heavily ribbed, thermally balanced, super rigidity of "Meehanite" grade casting FC35 is capable of with standing much greater stress without deforming and provides maximum vibration dampening, which result in a machine that will outlast and outperform the competition.
Contract surfaces of all slides, spindles, turrets and ball screw bearing housings and base are precisely hand scrapped to provide maximum assembly precision, structural rigidity, and load distribution.
X, Y and Z axes uses high speed, high accuracy linear guide ways design and stretch to reach maximum intensity and accuracy, which can ensure the structural rigidity and reach the rapid feed rate.
X, Y and Z axes are driven by high class FANUC absolute AC servo motors, and provide tremendous thrust output with faster acceleration / deceleration.


The turret can support main and sub-spindle while machining. Gang tooling system is specially for rear side of machining on sub-spindle. The specialized tooling system features with loading and unloading system, which provides flexible and high efficiency mode. From bar feeding, processing and discharging can all be completed at once in one machine.


Adopt super high precision curvic couplings accurately positioning turret disk ensures the rigidity of turret in any cutting conditions.
Heavy load servo indexing turret features the latest turret disk technology, achieving 0.2 second indexing for adjacent stations and 0.5 second for stations at the opposite end of the disk.
12-station live tooling turret is available for option, and only the working tools are spinning with the rest tools are not, which can save the wear of the tool.
Y1-axis travel : 70 mm = ± 35 mm ( 2.75" = ± 1.37" ) , Y1-axis and X1-axis direction included angle 30°, the gravity of turret is always located on the range of the saddle to ensure the rigidity of full travel.


Gang tooling system provides 8-station live tooling and driven by AC servo motor with high torque, which can accomplish the hardest machining easily.
Easy dismount design on gang tooling system is especially designed for sub-spindle. Rapid tool change, and no need to recede tools, which greatly improves the machining efficiency on rear side machining.
Y2-axis travel : 250 mm ( 9.84" ), rapid feed rate : 24 m/min. ( 945 IPM ) with rapid tool change and enable to perform multi-tasking for precise machining.


Tapping ( Dead ) 10 mm ( 0.39" )
Tapping ( Live ) 8 mm ( 0.31" )
Drilling ( Dead ) M8 x P1.25
Drilling ( Live ) M6 x P1.0
Milling ( Live ) 10 mm ( 0.39" )
Diameter Spindle Speed
( rpm )
( IPM )
Cutting Speed
( IPM )
Cutting Depth
( inch )
Drilling Ø 16 HSS 500 984
End Mill Ø 16 HSS 600 7.48 1,181 0.15
Tapping M12 x P1.75 400 590