Standard & Optional Features

HA series standard: Standard option: Option not available: Not Available standard: Contact Us
CHIP DISPOSAL HA-1400 HA-1600 HA-2000
Chip conveyor Right discharge
Screw type chip conveyor
Chip cart with coolant drain
SAFETY HA-1400 HA-1600 HA-2000
Fully enclosed guarding
Impact resistant viewing window
Tailstock stroke out - end check
Chuck cylinder stroke out - end check
Low hydraulic pressure detection switch
Load monitoring function
OTHERS HA-1400 HA-1600 HA-2000
Tri-color operation status signal light tower
External work light
Electrical cabinet Heat exchanger
A/C cooling system
Complete hydraulic system
Advanced auto lubrication system
Foundation leveling & maintenance tool kit
Emergency maintenance electrical part package
Operation & maintenance manuals

Specifications are subject to change without notice.