Standard & Optional Features

GS-200 series standard: Standard option: Option not available: Not Available standard: Contact Us
COOLANT GS-200 GS-260 GS-280
Coolant pump 4.2 Bar
6.2 Bar
6.9 Bar
High-pressure coolant system 20 Bar
Roll-out coolant tank
Oil skimmer
Coolant flow switch
Coolant level switch
Coolant intercooler system

Above standard & optional features also apply to L models.
*1 For M (power turret) models only.
*2 For S (sup-spindle) models only.
*3 Standard with tailstock option.
*4 For comparison only.
*5 FANUC 31i control option must be selected for M & S models.
*6 Please contact YAMA SEIKI for complete control specification list.
*7 Alpha i P type spindle motors on all GS-200 series models.