GLS-150M Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking Live Tooling Turrets ( For M Modle )

Live tooling and C-axis control capabilities on the GLS series allows the machine to perform multiple tasks on a work piece, such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping. This eliminates manpower and cycle time, while reducing accuracy lost, which will occur if the part is moved from machine to machine.

The 12-station YAMA SEIKI live tooling turret offers 6 stations available for live tooling.
YAMA SEIKI’s live tooling turret utilizes advance servo indexing technology to achieve 0.2 second indexing times for adjacent stations and 0.5 second for stations at the opposite end of the disk.
With the latest technology, live tooling is driven by an AC servo motor to provide ample power, in the form of torque. Now, even the toughest of jobs may be tackled without a sweat.
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Y-axis Machining Capability ( For Y Modle )

Y-axis control further enhances multi-tasking live tooling capabilities and improves various machining precision. High precision grooving and X-axis off-center drilling are enabled.
With an abundant amount of Y-axis travel, 2.75” =±1.37” ( 70 mm=±35mm ), a wide variety of parts may be efficiently machined.

On Y-axis equipped machines, the turret is mounted on a secondary 30 degrees wedge saddle on top of the X-axis slide. Guide ways widely spaced for maximum strength.

Grooving with Y-axis control produces grooves with higher accuracy.