Maximum Strength Construction

Built to withstand years and years of rigorous high production turning, the heavily ribbed, one-piece, thermally balanced bed and casting parts are of “Meehanite” casting. The 30 degrees true slant bed design further provides superior support for the headstock, turret, and tailstock, thus, creating the rigidity needed for long-term high precision turning and efficient chip removal.

Major structural components have been combined into one solid platform. The low center of gravity 30° slant bed design provides the most rigid foundation possible for the headstock, turret, and tailstock.
By using Finite Element Methods ( FEM ), optimal reinforce ribbings are directly cast into the one-piece bed structure. Mechanical rigidity has been increased by more than 30% when compared to conventional designs. The GLS series is capable of performing heavy-duty turning and maintain long-term high-precision accuracy. More rigidity also means extended tool life.