High Performance Spindle System

The direct-drive system efficiently blocks the heat, which is generated from the motor, and reduces thermal deformation while increasing work accuracy in long working hour.
10,000 rpm, 12,000 rpm and 15,000 rpm are available; selection can be based on your needs and equipped with suitable FANUC spindle motor in order to fullfill various working conditions.
Floating type hydraulic tool release device eliminates pressure on the spindle bearing while releasing a tool.
The contact surfaces between spindle head and spindle are all precisely hand scraped to ensure optimal performance and precision.
The contact surfaces of spindle heads are all precision hand scraped.

High Precision Axial Feeding System

3 axes are driven by FANUC αi series absolute AC direct drive servo motor which provide powerful thrust and fast accelerated and decelerated movement. It can greatly decrease motor load and lower thermal expansion effects to minimum to ensure optimal performance and precision.
The high precision twin rotating nut ball screw provides outstanding heavy-duty cutting and ensures precision and long life span.
The one-piece ball screw motor mount and bearing box allow the cutting pressure to evenly distribute across the casting body, as well as increases the axial system overall rigidity and prevents the ball screw from deformation.
3 axes maximum feed rate can reach up to 48 m/min ( 1,890 IPM ).
Twin rotating nut ball screw
Direct drive servo motor
One-piece motor mount
One-piece bearing box