Twin Spindles & Turrets Vertical Turning Center

The twin spindles & turrets vertical turning center is based on a “ combining two operating process into one ” concept. Therefore, the 1st spindle and 2nd spindle can work independently on two different work pieces or work on the 1st and 2nd process of one work piece, efficiently lowering the demand on manpower and increasing factory space usage.
The GV-500X series can be equipped with optional load & unloading systems and work piece flipping device are also available. From bar feeding, processing, flipping, processing and discharging, can all be completed at once which saves manually flipping time and reduces setting error and increases production efficiency.
Work piece flipping device : Max. work piece diameter Ø 430 mm, Max. work piece weight 40 Kg
The GV-500X series combines two work process into one to reduce operating time ( when working on two machines ) and increase production efficiency.

When the detection gate on the bar feeding conveyor detects a work piece passing through, it will close immediately to prevent another work piece from entering the back rail, providing high reliability and safety.
The flipping device uses a pneumatic clamping and hydraulic rotating mechanic design which features high speed and heavy duty advantages.
The 3-jaw clamping device on the turret uses triangulation support to ensure the work piece to accurately adjust to the center of the spindle while ensuring turning accuracy.