Precision Cutting Capability

The headstock is analyzed by FEM to reach high rigidity and stability. The spindle inside the headstock is supported by two high precision angular contact ball bearings and a single row roller bearing. The span between bearings is optimized to sustain radial, axial and varyingly compound loads. All these features make it meet the requirements of high speed and precision cutting. The bar capacity is available with 32 and 45 mm two options.

Standard rigid tapping feature provides high-speed precision tapping without the use of floating tap holders. Set-up is easier and depth of thread more accurate, permitting maximum productivity for tapping operations.
Standard spindle orientation feature allows the spindle to stop at desired programmed position. Useful in broaching and manual part loading applications where a fixed spindle position is required.
The precision direct belt drive system provides greater spindle control, flexibility and serviceability. Pulley ratios fine tune the motor’s maximum RPM to match the spindle’s maximum RPM, which result in full output at the lowest RPM possible. Thus, utilizing the full potential of the spindle motor for maximum cutting power.
The spindle is driven by the FANUC β3 / 10,000i spindle motor. This motor features maximum 7.5 HP ( 5.5kw ) power output, and can provide higher torque than ordinary motors.