i console

NC Intelligence

Multiple Functions Status Display
  • Real time operation information
  • Tool list
  • Work piece measurement
  • M code illustration
  • PLC function
  • Calculator
  • CNC optimize parameter ( Opt. )
  • Spindle thermal compensation ( Opt. )
YAMA SEIKI's self-developed intelligent i Console software enhancement sys tem provides you with a user-friendly interface, real-time machine status information and dialogic functions. It not only effectively reduces complex working process but also increases intelligent machining abilities.
Trouble Shooting

When the alarm appears, the program will display the breakdown cause and a troubleshooting procedure. Users can easily troubleshoot minor problems to save machine shutdown time.

Circular Work Piece Measurement

The circular work piece program can calculate the center coordinate of a work piece by measuring point A, B and C coordinates.

Rectangular work piece measurement

The rectangular work piece program can calculate the center coordinate and the slant angle of a work piece by measuring point A, B, C, D and E coordinates; the calculated center coordinate can be inputted into the work piece coordinate program ( G54~G59 ).

Manual Tool Length Measurement

After manually measuring the tool length, the controller will automatically calculate the tool tip position and input the data into the tool length offset table.

Adaptive feed control

Adaptive feed control is capable of real-time monitoring the spindle load to control the axial feed rate which effectively extends tool life, shortens rough cutting time, and detects abnormal cutting conditions.

CNC parameter optimization

From rough cutting to fine finishing, the operator can select various cutting modes based on the working condition, and then set the allowable error and work piece weight to obtain the optimum parameter.