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The fixed cross rail design is a reinforced rib column integrated with a cross rail that decreases wear and tear or damage problems, which greatly increase the rigidity of the head and dramatically enhance the ability of vibration suppression.

By using Finite Element Analysis ( FEA ), optimal reinforced ribbings are directly cast into the bed and column structure. Mechanical rigidity has been increased by more than 30% when compared to conventional designs. The GVF series is capable of performing super heavy-duty turning and maintain long-term super high precision accuracy. More rigidity also means extended tool life.
The super rigid bed and column are of MEEHANITE casting. It is capable of withstanding much greater stress without deforming and provides maximum vibration dampening.
1. Dual counterweight hydraulic cylinder

Z-axis is balanced with 2 sets of hydraulic cylinder weights to minimize the workload of the servo motor and extend the lifetime of ball screws and bearings.

2. Precision ground ball screws

C3 class hardened and precision ground ball screws ensure the highest accuracy and durability possible. Plus, pretension on all axes minimizes thermal distortion.

3. Direct drive servo motor

The axial system has an AC servo motor direct drive to provide great thrust and fast acc. / dec. movement. Plus, it efficiently decreases motor load and reduces generation of heat while maintaining ultimate performance and accuracy.

4. Live tooling spindle ( opt. )

Equipped with optional live tooling, it can operate as a turning-milling machine that provides multiple machining functions, such as turning, milling, drilling, and tapping.

The square ram on the tooling spindle has a closed-type design that gives the GVF series greater structural rigidity and machining accuracy compared to peer models with a semi-closed type square ram structure.
Ext ra wide hardened and ground box ways design provides the rigidity needed for heavy duty and interrupted turning applications.
Contact surfaces of all slides, spindles, ball screw bearing housings, bed and column are precision hand scraped to provide maximum assembly precision, structural rigidity, and load distribution.