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YAMA SEIKI CNC Heavy Duty Vertical Turning Center GV-1 Series Spindle

Ultimate Turning Power

Work Piece Spindle Output [+] [+]

Tooling Spindle

Ø3.5" big diameter NN TYPE high-precision roller bearings provide high-rigidity and low-wear advantages.
High precision gear-box and pulley-deceleration mechanism provide high torque output when machining in low-speed range.

Max. speed range : 2,400 rpm

Max. output speed : 450 rpm

Max. torque : 233 Nm

[+] GV-1 spindle out put

Work Piece Spindle

The high rigidity, high rotation accuracy cross roller bearing
Generating twice the torque output of standard motors, the A/C constant output, wide-range FANUC α40/6,000 high torque i series motor is rated at 45 kW ( 30min. ). This double wound motor is designed to reach full output at 1/2 the RPM of standard motors, providing the ability to take heavier cuts in the lower RPM ranges.
Generating twice the torque output of standard motors
The high rigidity, high rotation accuracy cross roller bearing can sustain radial, axial and torque compound loads to ensure machining accuracy under long-term heavy work loads and extend the service life of the spindle.
Standard high-speed ratio, high-torque 2-speed gear box mated with α40/6,000i series spindle motor provides ample power output for heavy-duty cutting.

Ultimate C-axis Spindle ( Optional )

The optional Cf-axis and disk brake system available on the GV-1 series provide the most rigid and powerful type of C-axis on the market today. It is adopted with worm gear drive system for high accuracy transmission and easy backlash adjustment. The indexing accuracy is up to 0.001°.
Working with the live tooling turret, the Cf-axis and disk brake system enables the machine to perform multiple tasks, such as drilling, tapping, and milling operations, including cylindrical and polar coordinate interpolations.
With the FANUC servo motor generating an ultra high resolution of 100 million pulses per spindle rotation and 3,840 Nm ( GV-1600 ), 2,743 Nm ( GV-1200 ) of torque, machined surfaces finishes are much superior than Cs-axis ( driven by spindle motor ) equipped machines.